1) Who is behind Have a Nice Day?

Steffi Lynn Tsai was born in Austin, Texas and is now currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Steffi’s work is filled with quirkiness, color and character. She is driven to take normal scenes and moments and make them playful, exciting and enticing. Her work is inspired by everyday things, reactions and feelings, and simple imagery from her imagination or nature.

2) Where are your products made and shipped from?

Have a Nice Day products are mostly made in the USA with some international manufacturers in Europe and Singapore. Shipped with love from New York City, baby!

3) How long does it take to receive orders?

3-7 business days depending on each order! Thank you for being patient!

4) What is your return policy?

Unfortunately at this time we cannot accept returns! However, if there is something wrong with your order, we would be more than happy to help!

5) Do you do custom orders or pieces?

Yes! Please email for more information!

6) I would like to carry your products at wholesale. How can we work together?

That's amazing! Please email and we can chit chat!

7) What forms of payment does Have a Nice Day honor?

We accept almost everything! Check out the list in the footer of the website!

8) Other questions? Contact us via our form, here.